RT Processing is a program for fast and efficient development of applications in a graphical environment without any necessary programming knowledge.

The system logic is described in a clear scheme that is not just a plain graphical representation, but a set of rules by which the system actually works.

The advantages of developing projects in the system of


  • The scheme is easy to understand for the people who are not IT specialists, so more people including the customer can participate in the design, checks etc..

  • Huge range of possibilities

  • Tested in harsh conditions of the aviation industry

  • Support for multiple operating systems

  • Customization options

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RT Processing Lab is a client application for designing the processes and their monitoring.

RT Processing Runtime is a server application that is a powerfull part. It is running on the target hardware and performs all calculations and IO operations.

Areas of Application:

Flight Simulation:

RT Processing is being developed and used for flight simulators. It has a wide library of functions implemented for this sector. It is certified by EASA for level FNPT II and FTD, but it is also ready for a Full Flight Level D certification.

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Development Platforms:

RT Procesing is ready to run on devices Raspbery Pi, Banana Pi and others. The application Logic Runtime Applications runs on these devices and allows you to use both all of its IOs and other connected peripheral devices.

RT Processing SDK:

Customize RT Processing upon your needs. Complete the library of your own elements cooperating with your hardware. It's easy. Other parts are fully compatible and you can use them in your projects. Servers can run on Windows, Linux, or wherever it is possible to install a set of Mono libraries. 
Development kits, such as Arduino, can be used as input - output bus.
The possibilities are endless.


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